Always look at the total product weight: a heavier weight means higher quality steel, which makes for a sturdier storage unit.


    We show the cost per square meter of all our storage units;  highlighting the substantial savings a Hardlife storage unit can offer when compared to warehouses.


    Heavy duty PVC fabric ensures higher protection for your stored goods against environmental factors.


    The installation of your storage unit can be customised according to your needs, climate, and timeframe.

3 Reasons to choose Hardlife Utility:

Unlike others who may use low quality PE fabric, we only use heavy duty PVC, which we supply in a range of thicknesses designed to suit your specific storage needs.

​The fabric of the tent represents a small amount of the overall cost of the unit, but can greatly improve the protection of your goods, and therefore we recommend to always go for the heaviest thickness.

The most crucial component of a strong storage tent is the weight and thickness of the steel. All of our storage units have galvanized steel to prevent rusting, and come in a variety of arch spacing options to suit the most temperate to the harshest of climates.

When selecting a storage unit, always look for the total weight of the unit. The heavier the unit, the higher quality the steel.

On average, a Hardlife Storage Solution will cost the same as a 1 year rental on a Warehouse of the equivalent size. With a life span of 10+ years on all our units, you can spend the same amount as you would on that annual rent, and get an additional 9 years free!

This means that investing in a Hardlife Utility Storage solution can be up to 90% than storing your goods in a warehouse – that's what we call financial logic!