• Does Hardlife Utility sell replacement parts and accessories?

    Yes, we sell replacement parts and accessories. You can order them online or write to us at info@hardlifeutility.com.
  • Can I view any of the Hardlife products in their assembled form?

    You can visit our main sites in Buckinghamshire. We do also have some smaller sites nationwide. However, please do call to arrange an appointment.
  • Do the products require periodic maintenance?

    Our products are built-to-last and only require basic maintenance such as tensioning the fabric. The fabric is held in place with ratchet straps that should be tensioned at least 4 times a year and before and after periods of high winds, it is not possible to tension too often, the more the better. It is necessary to disassemble the fabric before a hurricane.
  • Can I install these structures on my own?

    Yes, you can install these structures with a team of your own, by following the instructions provided in the Instruction Manual.
  • Will a forklift be required for unloading the products?

    Yes, our products are shipped in large steel crates so a forklift is required to safely unload the products. Most can be offloaded with a 1,000KG forklift but some may require 1,500KG, if you are unsure please confirm with our sales team. If you do not have a forklift however, please ask our sales team to make arrangements to assist you.
  • What are your payment terms?

    We require payment in full before before despatch. If you wish to reserve a product before despatch you can pay a refundable 30% deposit. For customised products, deposits may not be refundable depending on the level of customisation, please check with the Sales Team. 
  • What is the percentage of VAT I have to pay on the products?

    You are exempted of paying VAT within the EU, if you have a valid VAT registration. If not, the product(s) will include VAT at the standard rate of 20%.
  • What are your shipping costs?

    The cost of shipping will vary depending on your location and the number of pallets occupied by the shipment. Please write to us at info@hardlifeutility.com for a quote.
  • What is the approximate delivery time?

    If the product is in stock, the typical delivery time is typically 48-72 hours. Please write to us at info@hardlifeutility.com or call us at +44 1525 851 912 if you have specific requirements.
  • Can I pick up the product(s) I ordered?

    Yes, although we cannot offer collection each day of the week so please call to confirm an appointment with our sales team.
  • Do you customise products?

    Yes, of course! We understand that our customers have unique needs and create customised products. Please refer to the Customisation page for additional information or write to us at info@hardlifeutility.com.
  • Do you provide paid installation services?

    We can provide installation services subject to your requirement and location.
  • Can I rent or lease a Hardlife product?

    No, we do not rent or lease our products. We only sell new products.
  • Do the container panels fit all types of containers?

    The front and rear panels fit a standard 8.5ft (2.6m) or High Cube 9.6ft (2.9m) container, with a standard Hardlife container shelter.